Corvallis’ premiere & trusted non-motorized cab service.

Pedaling since 2009.


Weddings & Events

With a total of two pedicabs available, Corvallis Pedicab can serve as an exit-mobile for the bride and groom, the chauffeur of the bride, shuttle service and entertainment for guests, or all of the above. Corvallis Pedicab is a constant favorite at weddings, parties, and all types of special events. Go to our rates section to learn more, or contact us with any questions.

Around Town

Corvallis Pedicab is Corvallis’ premiere pedal-powered taxi service, available for tours of town, events, taxi and chauffeuring, delivery and errand service, as well as parades or other events where a pedicab is appropriate.

While business hours are irregular due to weather or other limitations, we can be available any time 24 hours a day, given proper notice. As a general rule of thumb, the pedicabs are often out when there are events in Corvallis, most weekend late nights, non-rainy weekdays on the OSU campus during the school year, or by appointment. We often update our Facebook page with our happenings and driver contact info, in addition to special offerings, discount tours, and more. Like us on facebook. Like us in real life.

Creative Marketing

Since 2009, Corvallis Pedicab has been a successful and effective marketing option for local businesses. Both pedicabs offer highly visible mobile billboard space, and our drivers are able to spread the word and have your information on board for the inquiring public and passengers. It’s a positive, affordable, community-oriented method of outreach that people notice and remember. Check out our Advertising section or contact us with your ideas.