About Corvallis Pedicab

Corvallis Pedicab was founded by Corvallis, Oregon resident Dan Crall on March 26, 2009. It is currently the only pedicab service in Corvallis, and offers tours around town, chauffeur and taxi service, creative marketing for local and ethical businesses or organizations, and is also available for events such as weddings, company or birthday parties, non-profit events, and festivals. Corvallis Pedicab is up for parades, grand entrances, special deliveries, or perhaps mobile protests where a pedicab is appropriate. You make the call on that.


The mission and belief behind Corvallis Pedicab is this: We are at a time in history where fossil-fuel based technology is becoming obsolete. Even with the increasing number of electric or hybrid and biodiesel vehicles, energy security is not what we once thought. We also are seeing a changing climate, a decline in public health, high levels of toxins in the environment, and numerous other ills associated with our relationship to this limited and dirty resource, oil. Nevertheless, we still need our leisure and happiness. The bicycle remains secure – it will be here tomorrow and the next day. We may as well enjoy ourselves and get around on bicycle whenever possible, be it on our own bikes or riding in a pedicab. Bicycles are the past, present, and future of appropriate transportation. Let us embrace this wonderful invention like never before while moving forward as a society and culture!

Corvallis is an extraordinary community located in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon. A town known for its bike-friendliness, numerous outdoor activities, ideal geographic location, and predomoinantly environmental-minded citizenry, a pedicab service fits in pretty well. This is a small city ideal for getting around by bicycle. And with the rise of the new economy and commitment of individuals to use our resources wisely and mindfully, we will only see more bikes on the road. The pedicab is an integral part of our future in appropriate transportation.

With a commitment to a local, sustainable economy, bicycle transportation, dependable customer service, and the community spirit of Corvallis and Benton County, you can count on Corvallis Pedicab for all the right reasons.