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Corvallis Pedicab Appears on MTV

One random Summer day, Corvallis Pedicab was tooling around town when it came across three girls from Crescent Valley High School and a producer from MTV’s reality program, “Made.” Sure enough, the girls were happy to take a ride, left a nice tip, and Corvallis Pedicab ended up on the credits of an MTV program. It was a win/win. If you click on you can watch the entire program… but we’d recommend you scroll to the end, about 40:00 in, and enjoy the credits.

Pedicab and Musician Bring Untold Joy to Downtown Corvallis

It was a foggy, dreary afternoon as crowds filled the downtown section of Corvallis, hustling and bustling along grey streets and dismal, cracked sidewalks. Frowns and blank stares were not uncommon as the moist, cold fog enveloped everyone and everything in sight. It wasn’t until Corvallis Pedicab’s Dan Crall and musician Doug Sours showed up that people began to smile, tears of joy swept the crowd, as they felt the Holiday warmth that is usually expected from a jazz guitarist cruising the streets on pedicab. No later than the first note was played on Sours’ electric guitar, color began to appear in storefront windows and on the faces of the holiday shoppers.


Thanks to Gracewinds Music, this mobile, 3 hour holiday music spectacle entertained hundreds of people, most of whom starved for something fresh and unique. “Every year, it’s ‘take us here, take us there!’ from my three children, but this year, we all froze as we heard the music coming our way. Sure, it was the temperature that made us freeze, but the music was still pleasant.” said single father Aymond Cludge of Corvallis. “How nice to see this mix of nice music and the pedal cab rickshaw thing-a-ding… it’s so Corvallis.” commented Terri Bettencourt of Albany.

An idea formed while walking his dogs through the mud, Crall knew he had to get this musical showcase to the holiday shoppers of Corvallis. “It seemed like fun.” he muttered as he kicked his shoe into the cement. “How else are people going to hear tunes for the holiday season while downtown? Carolers?” As it turned out, the Corvallis Community Band was also downtown at this time, performing Holiday favorites and carols inside various businesses and at a few street corners. Crall and his musical sidekick Doug Sours just shrugged their shoulders and moved along to another busy corner, always finding new crowds of music-hungry pedestrians. “Are you Santa Claus?” one child asked. “No.” replied Crall.

As the mobile entertainment that warmed countless hearts and minds drew to a close, Crall began to think about doing this regularly. The shopping and holiday rush requires periods of peace and tranquility, and this pairing of warm music and pedal powered entertainment seemed to hit the spot for many. Great sponsors like Gracewinds Music are often the lifeblood of the pedicab and its success, and with time to spare before the holiday season, it’s possible that another spectacle or two may arise from the mind of Corvallis Pedicab.

Civil War Game a Success for Pedicabs

On December 4, 2010, a total of 8 pedicabs were in Corvallis for the well-attended Civil War college football game between the Oregon State University Beavers and the University of Oregon Ducks. Corvallis Pedicab owner and operator Dan Crall invited pedicabbers from Seattle to Eugene to come share in the vast opportunities that abounded that day. By the end of the day, most drivers wanted a cold beer.

This video was created from photos and video taken at the beginning of the pedicab shift.

Eugene Versus Corvallis, from AAA’s Via Magazine

They both perch on the same muscular river in the vast golden sprawl of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Both are college towns absorbed by thrilling football. Both are tucked into deep forests, awash in winter rain, and famous for dense coffee, terrific ale, and gleaming fleets of bicycles. Both are colorful and stimulating and friendly places to visit, but neither would be likely to admit the delights of the other, for we speak of Eugene and Corvallis, rivals for more than a century on and off the playing field. To Corvallians, draped in their orange and black, roaring for their vaunted Oregon State University Beavers, Eugene is merely an enormous Nike outlet or a last shaggy and silly bastion of the self-indulgent ’60s; to Eugeneans, adorned with green and yellow, chanting for their renowned University of Oregon Ducks, Corvallis is a rural settlement reeking of cows and envy, a tiny and tinny village for the unadventurous and the unsophisticated.

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