Frequently Asked Questions

What is the technical name for these bikes?

A “pedicab” is the correct term, meaning “pedestrian cab.” A rickshaw is operated on foot (see below), though some cultures do call them “cycle rickshaws.” Another term is “bike taxi.” Both pedicabs in the fleet are custom-built as pedicabs, not add-ons to a bicycle.


What made you decide to start a pedicab company?

I strongly believe in the bicycle’s role in everyday transportation. I also enjoy riding and getting others who may not ordinarily ride to experience the magic. Corvallis is a sizable city with a need for a pedicab taxi service, and I was lucky to get this started in 2009 despite the economy seeming unfavorable. I knew it would fulfill a need, and that prediction turned out to be correct! I also had a choice to either stick with my career in public radio, which would require 180 miles of commuting per day due to a change in location, or to stay in Corvallis and figure out something else. I had just bought a house and decided that Corvallis was my home 6 months prior to the notice from my employer. Most of all, I want to create work that benefits the planet and is not just another source of unsustainable waste. I want to inspire others.

How do you get paid?

When the pedicab is out, the driver(s) works on tips, or sets a rate of around $1 per minute for longer rides and tours. We also have ad space on various sides of the pedicabs, and advertising revenue is vital in keeping the business afloat. It’s thanks to a mix of community-minded businesses, certain departments at Oregon State University, and good passengers that Corvallis Pedicab has been in business as long as it has. The owner also keeps busy with other small ventures to keep life interesting and the bills paid.

What are your hours?

We do not have regular or set hours, though we can be available any time of day or night if given proper notice. Generally, we try to be at larger events or around the OSU campus on drier days during fall, winter, and spring. Check out our facebook page to see what’s happening or if our drivers are out. The page is usually updated with driver phone contact info when we are out any given day or night.

Do you get tired from working?

It depends. Most of our drivers are regular cyclists in decent shape, but some days can be exhausting. We are pedaling large bikes with passengers after all. Riding on flat surfaces is not much of a challenge, though some hills are definitely difficult. Like any work, when we are compensated fairly and have positive interactions, it is quite fulfilling.

You get your exercise, huh?


Can you take me to Portland / up Witham Hill / to Albany?

If the price is right, we can arrange something to Albany, maybe Portland, but…
(other stock answer) “I can take you to the vehicle that will get you to Portland / up Witham Hill, etc.”

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