Corvallis Pedicab makes a difference in transportation, adds to the community and culture of Corvallis, and is an effective mode of advertising for local businesses and organizations.  If you have a testimonial you’d like to share, please submit it for consideration.



When I ran for School Board it was suggested that I consider running an ad with Corvallis Pedicab to help get the word out on a weekend we didn’t have volunteers on the ground campaigning. Dan Crall was very easy to work with and handled all the printing for the advertisement. As a result of our campaign advertisement with Corvallis Pedicab my campaign website had a nearly 100% increase in hits over the weekend. I strongly recommend Corvallis Pedicab as a localized, high-impact marketing strategy; especially if a personal touch is needed.

Vince Adams
Corvallis School Board


The pedicab sincerely brings a smile to my face every time I have the opportunity to see it rollin’ around campus and in the Corvallis community.
What a great way to not only be sustainable, but provide the citizens of Corvallis, with an uber-cool way to travel! I wish we had more pedicabs around, and more people like Dan, smilin’ and brightenin’ up peoples days.
This service has made some of the programs on campus not only more physically acessible for many but has aided in our much needed diverse ways of advertising. Thanks Dan, and thanks Corvallis Pedicab, you rock!!”

Miranda Linville
OSU Women’s Center

The First-Ever Mobile Cheese Tasting with the Corvallis Pedicab was an amazing experience. First of all, riding in the Pedicab is a joyful feeling. Imagine how Cinderella must have felt sitting in an enlarged pumpkin on wheels being drawn by mice-morphed horses. It’s kinda like that, only Dan is more like Prince Charming! He helped me draw people to the cheese tasting in an exciting and comedic way. I was pleased with the high quality laminated signs he had printed with our company logo on them. What a great value! Let’s do it again!

Kate Humiston
Full Circle Creamery

We so appreciated having the pedicab, both to advertise our event and to keep attendees and community members happy and informed. We were able to reach a lot of local people that otherwise would not have heard about our event and we also were able, through the pedicab, to help people get where they needed to go. A great reciprocal business that gives and helps Corvallis!
Also, the driver was so kind and ameniable that we would love to use Corvallis Pedicab again!

Katie Parker
OSU Women’s Center

You got me the best crowd, unbelievable… thank you so much! I think it was 180 folks at least as I counted only a few empty seats, and the hall only seats 200…could have been even 190. I wanted you to know how grateful I am to you.

Linda Richards
Event coordinator and History professor at OSU

Thank you to Corvallis Pedicab for providing tours of the Village at Older Americans’ Day. You’re always a crowd favorite!

Whitney Olsen, Marketing Director, Mennonite Village

It was actually fun to employ Corvallis Pedicab. The pedicab is a really unique and great way to advertise because we not only got to put our poster on the side, but we also had the opportunity to have someone speak one on one with the passengers about the SEC (Student Experience Center). The pedicab is great because it helps people out with the rides which can make someone’s day. Our marketing campaign focused on different ways of getting our message across and the pedicab was a key way of doing that.

Jorge L. Michel
OSU Memorial Union President, 2010



What a day that was! So many of our guests told us how much they enjoyed the Pedicab. For myself and Alex, it was the one part of the day where we got 5 minutes to ourselves, and that was so special. It was lovely to glide along with my Sweetie, enjoying the moment, being outdoors…

Jessica Thorpe
Bride, first wedding client of Corvallis Pedicab

Hiring Dan’s Pedicab is ideal for giving your out of town guests a pleasant surprise! When my sister and husband visited from out of town, I wanted them to experience what makes Corvallis so uniquely Corvallis. What is more truly “Corvallis” than local transportation and local food. So we had Dan pedal them around downtown, then past our huge stately trees along the river, with a stop at the First Alternative Co-Op Grocery Store.

Karen Josephson
Corvallis Resident

Dan’s pedicab was a fun way to see the area. What a unique experience! It was perfect for us. Dan is very personable and comfortable to be with. He gave us the right amount of information – not too much nor too little. A peaceful trip!

Julia and Wayne Stephens
Visitors from Caldwell, ID

Each time my 80+ year old mother comes to visit, we arrange for a pedicab tour for her.   Two years ago, Dan gave her an amazing tour of the rhodedendrons on the OSU campus.  She just beamed throughout and afterwards.  This year, Dan and my husband, Jeff, gave her a guided tour of downtown Corvallis and all the business changes that have taken place since she was last able to walk around the town.   These tours are the highlight of her visit.  And she just can’t do it on her own two feet, anymore.  Luckily, Dan shares his!

Theresa Gibney
Corvallis Resident

Thanks very much for the pleasant pedicab ride from the Saturday Market over to Corvallis Cyclery a couple of weeks ago. Belinda and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and the conversation. Kudos on your commitment to carbonless travel and building community!

Leonard Higgins

Thank you so much for being part of our wedding adventure. Bike taxis were an important feature of Mike and Sam’s dream vision. My husband Michael also wants to thank you for your additional support during the festivities.

Michael and Sharon Leeds
Wedding clients/parents of the bride

We used Corvallis Pedicab to transport us to the 2011 Oregon State Commencement ceremony at Reser Stadium. Dan Crall, the owner, was extremely easy to work with and the ride was fun and interesting, cutting through Avery Park from Southtown. Thanks to Dan we avoided the horrendous traffic at the stadium and through downtown Corvallis. We managed to relax and take it easy, and feel special, plus Dan made my
graduate feel like a princess on her important day.

Thanks a lot, Dan! We’ll definitely use Corvallis Pedicab again and again!

Ernest Cardona

It’s true: I felt like a princess all day. My graduation day was fantastic all around, in no small part, to the pedicab rides. Arriving to campus and being ferried all over made things stress-free and very special! No one else in the crowd got such treatment! I’ll bet my classmates were envious when they saw the pedicab, especially when they realized that six-inch heels weren’t the best footwear choice for the day.

The pedicab ride was smooth and refreshing. It’s surprising how calming those few minutes were, with no motor to listen to and no jostling for a parking spot. I got let off right in the MU Quad, and my mom (who can’t walk long distances) was let out right at the stadium. I’d recommend this ride to anyone just for fun, but for an important day with lots of opportunities for stress, Dan’s service is a must. His calm, cheerful presence and efficient service made everything perfect.

V. White

I wanted to thank you again for the great pedicab tour of Corvallis and Oregon State University. My mother-in-law and I really enjoyed it and thanks to your intimate knowledge of both areas, her lack of walking ability did not keep her from enjoying both up close. I also appreciated your willingness to pick us up and deposit us at the library to meet our scheduling needs – that made it very convenient for us. I would highly recommend Corvallis Pedicab for a fun, efficient and enjoyed tour.

Jeff Igelman

We had travelled from Toronto, CANADA to Salem, OR to see a concert at the 2012 Oregon State Fair. We were to be at the concert venue at a specific time for a unique opportunity to meet the headliner before the show. Due to rush hour traffic in Portland, and with 17th Ave in Salem closed to traffic, we arrived at the fairgrounds parking lot late. We had 2 minutes to get from one side of the fairgrounds to the other side (a 10-minute sprint), or else miss the opportunity for which we had travelled 2,400 miles.

We were completely dejected at that point, until we happened upon Paul (Kincaid), driver for Corvallis Pedicab. Paul was an angel sent from heaven. My wife and I jumped into the pedicab, and Paul put his feet and legs to work. We got to our meet & greet just in time.

Our sincere gratitude to Paul for his heroics. He truly saved the day. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Tim and Donna F.
Passengers from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Wedding Testimonial

Dan’s pedicab service was the perfect punctuation point to our amazing wedding day. He happily showed up early and gently ushered us back to our hotel. I was impressed by the fact that he even had some nice orchestral music playing to seal the feeling of our monumental day.

We highly recommend his services if you ever need a lift while in Corvallis. Thank you Dan, your calm character and smooth cadence made for another great memory on an already memorable occasion. Cheers!

Shane and Kristi W.
Wedding clients of Corvallis Pedicab, Sept. 2012



I didn’t know what the Oregon State campus looked like, but after your wonderful tour, I know, and I am happy with it! Thank you!

Asya Al Lamki
Cultural Attaché, Embassy of Oman