The Spirit of the Forest, Episode 01


This is episode 1 of The Spirit of the Forest, an audio drama/comedy created by Oregon resident Dan Crall, which reflects upon the sadness, absurdity, and normalcy of modern life.  

This episode features a professor and his existential, misguided student figuring out an academic plan, two male lovers in a quarrel, an unsympathetic doctor taking his morbidly obese patient for a walk in the woods, and a reparative gay therapy camp counselor taking a young camp attendee for a walk, resulting in an unexpected twist.
Featuring the music of Raan and Electric Bird Noise, as well as the acting talent of Dan Crall, Chris Foulke, Trevor Heald, Cookie Johnson, and John Knight, this pilot episode was recorded in December 2014 in Corvallis, Oregon.

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