The Spirit of the Forest, Episode 05

This is episode 5 of The Spirit of the Forest, an audio drama/comedy created by Oregon resident Dan Crall, which focuses on the sadness, absurdity, and normalcy of modern life.

This episode features a walk in the forest with a man of peace, a man of wisdom, a man of judgment… we also drop in on the religious channel WIRD and their sister station WORD for some whacky times with God, and we finish with a narrative of a man who’s never been the same since the accident.
Featuring the music of Bestia Centauri, Dan Crall, and Stone Glass Steel, as well as the acting talent of John Knight, Zachary Pierce, Dan Crall, a mystery Russian street preacher, and numerous voices from Oregon State University, this episode was mostly recorded in late February 2015 in Corvallis, Oregon.

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